Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dyslexic author releases first book

Above Author Marc Grimston signing a book for Connor Bine age 12, at WHSmith last Saturday.

A FIRST time author is enjoying success with his children’s book despite suffering from dyslexia.

The tale called ‘Zio the Hero, by author Marc Grimston, is based around three children who jump back and forth in time, between the 14th and 21st Centuries and make friends with Zio the dragon.

Their quest is to find a king’s crown within three months or he will lose his throne.
Marc, of St Georges Park Avenue, Westcliff, has always been a keen storyteller but was not very good at spelling at school.

He started the book when one of his friend’s children was going on holiday.

Marc, 49, admitted he thought the book would only be a few pages but soon turned into a full blown book.

He said: “I always told my children stories and then started this and it evolved from just a few pages. I was shocked the way it happened.”

The tale is for ages seven and up and involves medieval times, castles, time travel and murder.

The dad-of-three also got inspiration from visiting Framlington and Orford castles, in Suffolk, where much of the action is set.

A dungeon and a chest from the castles he visited feature in the tale of searching for the kings crown.
Marc explained he had also been visiting schools all over Essex to talk to children about being dyslexic.
He said: “This has been great because I have been to schools telling children that even if they are dyslexic it isn’t a big deal and they can beat the problem.

“It doesn’t mean it will effect their lives forever and how they shouldn’t worry about it too much.”
Marc is now on his follow up book called Zeo Makes His Mark, a tale about a relative of Zio.

The book is available in WHSmith and Amazon.

A book signing will also take place at Carousel, near Chalkwell Park, on Saturday, March 24.

By Paul Giles

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